Estimated Project Costs    
    Project Name      
    Land & Building $    
    Land Only $    
    Construction Costs $    
    Equipment Costs $    
    Professional Fees $    
    Other Eligible Costs $    
    Total Project Costs      
    SBA 504 Loan Estimate    
    Total Project $      
    Bank Interest Rate   %    
    Bank Amortization   Years    
    504 Effective Rate   %   *Please choose a current SBA 504 Effective Rate from above as it corresponds to the selected 504 Loan Amortization term.  
    504 Loan Amortization  
    Source   $   %   Term   Monthly Payment    
    Bank Loan            
    SBA 504 Loan            
    Cash Down Payment            
    Traditional 504 loans are 50/40/10. If property is single purpose, an additonal 5% down payment is required (15%).  If company is less than two years old, an additonal 5% down payment is required (15%). If property is single purpose and the company is less than 2 years old, an additional 10% down payment is required (20%).  
    SBA 504 Fees   $    
    Net SBA Debenture      
    SBA 504 Fees (2.15%)      
    Closing Costs   $2,000.00    
    Gross SBA Debenture*    
    Difference Refunded to Borrower by SBA      
    Fees collected at closing:    
    Third Party Lender's Fee      
    This fee must be paid by the borrower. It can not be financed in the SBA Note    
    * Rounded to nearest $1,000. The rounding difference is refunded to the borrower when SBA loan is funded.    
    Expense   Project Amount   Life   %   Weighted Maturity  
    Land and Building       20        
    Building Renovation or Expansion     20        
    Eligible Soft Cost       20        
    Machinery & Equipment       10        
    Debenture Term Available for this Project:      
    If the result is 10, then you may want to create two separate 504 notes; a 20 year note for the real estate and a 10 year note for the equipment.